Sog systems are very reliable but just in case you do encounter issues we have some helpful guides below.

Q1 – My SOG Fan is running continuously, is this normal ?

A. No, the SOG Fan should only run when the toilet blade is open and the toilet is in use, if your fan is running all the time this usually points to a problem with the microswitch location or a fault with the microswitch itself (Note in CT3000A Dometic SOG Kits the microswitch is activated via a small cylindrical magnet housed at the end of the toilet and it’s not unheard of for these to fall out)

Go to the outside of your vehicle, open the toilet cassette access door. Remove the toilet cassette and look to the right hand side for the microswitch which is a small metal plate attached to a microswitch with an electrical wire attached. If your fan is running, manually press in the microswitch and the fan should stop. If it does not stop then the switch is faulty. If the fan does stop when you press the switch then the location of the microswitch isn’t aligning to the blade mechanism so enrol an assistant inside the van to open and close the blade mechanism for the toilet and adjust the alignment of the microswitch accordingly

Q2. My Sog Fan doesn’t turn on ?

A. Ensure the vans 12v supply is enabled and in some instances the water pump switch on your control panel may also need to be enabled in order for the sog fan to have power. Open the toilet blade using the handle of the toilet. If the SOG fan still does not operate then check inside the toilet cassette compartment as for SOG Running continuously above for microswitch alignment and check for bad connections on the wiring.

Q3. My SOG Smells from the outside ?

A. Replace the Carbon Filter as these have a lifespan from the manufacturer of 12 months.