The SOG Toilet kit is simple to install, come with clear step by step instructions and a reasonably capable DIY person will be able to fit it

Installation of a sog kit should take between 2 -3 hours (experienced fitters will take a lot less time)

Are any Specialized tools needed to fit it ?

The only tools needed are a drill with holesaw (To cut the hole in the toilet compartment door for the SOG Fan housing and dependant on the kit a hole in the spout lid), screwdrivers, multimeter (to find 12v supply in toilet compartment for the fan), sealant for the door filter housing and side cutters.

If however you do not wish to tackle a sog kit installation on your own then we can fit SOG Toilet systems either at our Workshop in Exmouth, East Devon or Mobile at your home, contact us on 0845 8698940 for details and pricing.

SOG Installation

Sog kit install