How To Deal With The Error Connection Reset RE:

Trying to set up the wireless router network? So it’s your first time that you are trying with but got an error message. It’s quite disheartening but not discouraging. There are solutions which can really connect you to the wireless network. To connect the wi-fi, the administrative console has to be connected. Don’t know the console page??? Well, it’s the hidden page of the router which connects to the internet.

Basic problems that need no technical experts

Mostly there are some basic errors which we do very commonly. Not checking them is a major mistake. So let’s start with the basic things:
  • The IP address which you have given may be incorrectly typed. Check it again.
  • An unexpected problem with the IP address on the system.
  • You know the bad Ethernet cable, it matters a lot
  • A problem with the router itself.
So these are the basics which are being described in details. Well if they are OK, but still you cannot log in, then we will be digging in technical staffs.

Power cycling the router

Now the first thing to fix the Error Connection Reset RE: is to perform the power cycle. Take away the power from the router. After waiting for few seconds, then reconnect it and put the power back to the router.

All about the IP address

Now the IP address that you are entering. It should be correctly typed. Most of the router uses the IP address or If you are entering any one of them, then try another one. Also, the can help you to go to the login page. You never know that may help you work properly. Make sure you don’t put the HTTP:// before the IP address. That is not necessary at all. Also, a minor mistake in a dot will also not be able to connect to the internet. So be appropriate what you are typing and getting the result.

Don’t type the IP address in search engines

Also, make sure you are not putting the IP address on the search engine search bar. Just open the browser- IE/GC/MF, and then type on the address bar at the top. Automatically the page will be redirected. Now coming to the administer page. We hope that you have successfully come to the administrator page. Now you need to log in with the username and password. In case you use the wrong username or the wrong password, then the page will not open. So using the right username and password is essential. If you are trying something else, that would not be successful anyhow.

Dealing with this error is now easy

This error is a very common one and we all face them more than once in use time. Even sometimes some of the routers go bad too. They fail to set up the connection and raise this issue. There are routers of many companies, but not at all of them are good. So while buying the router one must read the reviews of the router of that particular brand. Also, check the router whether it is having all the latest technologies or not. Thus it would be well supported then.