How To Make Google Your Homepage in Google Chrome

Google is Your card Catalogue to the Modern Day Library of Alexandria. How else to reach the 4.5 billion webpages which amount up pretty much human understanding? Make Google My Homepage If you would like to begin every new day with a glimpse at Google (and these doodles), here is how to place as the homepage onto the desktop computer and mobile.

Google Chrome

Visit the top of this browser, choose the menu Settings > Look. Check the box next to “Show Home Button,” then Change. Type in the text box, then click OK, and open and close the browser to find the homepage.

Web Explorer

Go to Tools from the menu bar at the Peak of the browser and Choose Internet Options, and then the General tab. Under Home Page, enter “” from the text box and then click on OK. Open and shut the browser to find the homepage.


Open Firefox and browse to Click the small world icon on the left of this URL and drag it into the home icon onto the top-right of this browser window. A pop-up may ask if you would like to earn this record your homepage. Click on Yes and you are prepared to proceed.


From the browser, choose Preferences, then General. From the Home page section, type in in the text area and click on Enter.


Open the browser program and choose Menu > Preferences > General > Establish Home Page and type in


As you can not set cellular Safari into a home page, then you may make a shortcut. Type in the text of the browser and in the base of the screen choose the icon with the arrow coming from a page. Spy Checker Select Insert to Home Screen and you are going to find a shortcut on your house screen which will open to Google each moment.

Windows Phone

On a Windows Phone, then you may produce a tile to get Google by downloading the Google search program in the shop and trapping it on the beginning screen.