A Sog toilet kit dispenses with the need for smelly chemicals being stored / purchased and used in your motorhome or caravan toilet systems.

Opening the toilet valve activates a low powered extraction fan which consumes a measly 0.43 watts.

The fan creates a mild negative pressure within the cassette which draws oxygen into the cassette from the bathroom area.

This drawing in or air effectively seals off odours contained in the cassette and draws into the cassette personnel odours during use.

The sog fan only operates when the toilet is in use. Driving smells no longer exist.

All toilet cassettes are placed in “release mode” when the cassette is in position. This results in ammonia and methane odours/pressure circulating in the interior of the vehicle if sealing of the toilet chamber is not 100%, which is close to impossible. SOG systems provide a sealed pipe path, for odour/pressure to passively release, via a charcoal filter, to the outside of the motorhome.

The underlying principle of SOG ventilation systems is the passing of oxygen over the surface of the waste, whether this is accelerated when the fan is in use or passively as pressure escapes from the cassette via the SOG piping system to the outside of your vehicle. This is the natural curing “oxidisation” process used by Sewerage Treatment plants.

Naturally treated waste has far less smell when emptying the cassette and you can use normal toilet paper.